• Full cream milk: 7 cups.

  • Sugar: 1 cup.

  • Saffron: a few strands.

  • Green cardamoms: 8.

  • Rose petals (dried): 22.

  • Cinnamon :1 inch stick.

  • Peppercorns :8.

  • Almonds: 22.

  • Pista: 30.

  • Cashewnuts: 20.

  • Melon seeds (magaz): 3 tbsps.

  • Poppy seeds (khuskhus): 3 tbsps.

Method of Preparation:

  • Boil the milk and add sugar and saffronin it. When both are completely dissolved then keep the milk aside and set it for chill .

  • Powdered the green cardamom, dried rose petals, cinnamon and peppercorns to a fine powder.

  • Prepare the paste of almonds, pistachios, cashewnuts, melon seeds and poppy seeds along with chilled milk to a smooth paste.

  • Mix together sweetened chilled milk, redolent powder and the paste thoroughly.

  • Serve chilled in glasses.


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