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Shahi korma

Ingredients: 50 g : Ghee. 20 g : Cashew nuts. 1 : Green chill finely chopped.1/4 cup : Tomato chopped.1/2 cup : chopped onions.1/2 cup : Green and Red capsicums chopped.1/2 cup : Mushroom.1/2 cup : Cauliflower chopped.1 : Carrot finely chopped. 1/2 cup : Peas.1/2 cup : Fresh beans. 2 tbsp : Ginger and green chillies paste.1 cup : Fried cubes of Paneer.Salt according to taste.1/2 tsp : Mango powder.1 cup : heavy cream.1/4 tsp : Turmeric powder.1/2 cup : Coriander leaves finely chopped.Method of preparation: Heat the ghee in a pan in a medium flame. Fry separately the cashew nuts, chillies and tomato drain each, remove and set aside. Then add the chopped onions, cauliflower, bellpeppers, mushrroms, carrot, beans and peas to the remaining ghee in the pan. Mix well and…